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The Ministry of Tourism was established in accordance with the provisions of "On the Establishment of the Ministry of Tourism and Appointment of Deputy Minister of Tourism under the President and Related Issues of Law 2018" (Law 123 (I) / 2018), which entered into force on January 2, 2019. The State Department is an evolution of the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO).

The responsibilities of the State Ministry of Tourism, based on Law 123 (I) / 2018, are the following:

• The drafting of an integrated National Tourism Strategy and the staff planning of the tourism development of Cyprus, including the formulation of positions for the location of tourist sites,
• The coordination and implementation of the National Tourism Strategy using the necessary horizontal policies,
• The support of investments in tourism, including the elaboration and implementation of incentives and the provision of systematic information to the public,
• The promotion of tourism awareness, education and training,
• The development of a strategic promotion, promotion and promotion of the tourism product of Cyprus abroad and interior,
• the studies, market research, analysis of current trends in the tourism sector, the management of statistical data, to evaluate the performance of programs and funds spent for tourism,
• the creation and maintenance of tourist business register,
• The development of new tourism products and the updating of existing ones, the continuous upgrading of the quality of services provided in the tourism sector and the promotion of innovation,
• The implementation of tourism legislation regarding the powers it provided to the Cyprus Tourism Organization before the date Entry into force of the relevant legislation for the establishment of the State Ministry, including the issuance of relevant licenses,
• The supervision of the tourism sector, cooperation with other supervisory authorities and the Cyprus Police, the correct information and informing of tourism businesses and consumers about its provisions tourism legislation and raising public awareness of respect for the tourism product,
• Preparation and submission of proposals for reforms concerning the simplification of procedures for attracting tourism investments, the upgrading of the quality of the tourism product, the strengthening of the competitiveness and the wider development of the tourism industry, as well as the simplification of the regulatory framework concerning the tourism industry.
Elena Tsvetkova
Marketing Manager


Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism

Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism

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Address: 9 Povarskaya str, bld.2, Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 (499) 575-03-40

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