Rehabilitation after COVID-19

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Rehabilitation after COVID-19
Currently, the sanatorium "Russia" has accumulated a successful experience in treating patients with bronchopulmonary pathology, in connection with which the restoration of health in people who have suffered "covid" pneumonia has been organized in the form of a 12-14 day course.

Patients undergoing recovery are offered a whole range of techniques, ranging from physical exercises, restoring lung function, and ending with physiotherapy, balneological procedures.

For the purpose of a differentiated approach, two schemes of health-improving measures have been developed: the first is for persons without concomitant pathology and in the presence of compensated diseases of internal organs (up to 60 years old), the second is for persons with respiratory failure, as well as other diseases in the stage of subcompensation.

The program for each patient is compiled taking into account the individual characteristics of his body, the severity of the underlying disease, the presence of concomitant diseases, indications and contraindications for the applied methods of hydrotherapy and apparatus physiotherapy.

An individual treatment plan is formed by a doctor from a list of the listed procedures, in the amount of funds allocated for treatment. If the limit of the funds for treatment included in the voucher is exceeded, additional services are assigned for a fee.

It should be borne in mind that several courses of spa treatment will be required. At least once a year for 3-4 years. There are no magic methods to eliminate the consequences of coronavirus. Often, the changes, deformation of the bronchial tree are irreversible, but with the full passage of the procedures, it is possible to significantly alleviate the condition of the patients.
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