Tourist Information Center of the Leningrad Region

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The Leningrad Region is an incredibly beautiful region, the territory of which is carefully preserved the history of the Russian state from its very sources. Numerous memories of history and culture, including those included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, hospitably meet travelers from all over the world.

Tourist Information Center of the Leningrad Region was established in 2002 in order to provide tourists with the most complete information about the Leningrad region, its attractions, tourist opportunities and cultural events.

It is a subordinate institution of the Committee for Culture and Tourism of the Leningrad Region.

Every year, it participates in international and interregional exhibitions, presenting the tourist potential of the Leningrad region at a single stand, demonstrating the tourist opportunities of the region to a professional audience and independent travelers.

The main directions are:
1) congress and exhibition activities;
2) making tourst events;
3) cross-boarder cooperation , etc.

Contact details

Address: 39 Rimsky-Korsakov Ave., Saint Petersburg
Phone: +7 (952) 391-63-03

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