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About Ugra

Ugra is one of the most interesting regions of the country with a rich historical heritage. It has everything for traveling. Especially colorful in the area in winter – it's a real fairy tale! As soon as the cold weather comes to the region, the trees are shrouded in frost, and the ground is covered with a snow-white blanket. You can imagine the scale, if you take into account the fact that the area of Ugra is comparable to some European States.

All this you will see and feel, even if the trip involves a trip to the city. After all, many cities of Ugra are literally located in the middle of the forest. But this does not mean that it is difficult to get here or live here is not comfortable. Everything is exactly the opposite!

from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the capital of the district can be reached in 3 hours. Today in Ugra there are 10 airports, 192 hotels, 62 recreation centers, 22 ethnographic camps, 5 sanatoriums and aquariums. In order to get to know Ugra in all its diversity, all conditions are created.

More than half a million people come here every year. These are fans of active and extreme recreation, fans of hunting and fishing, seekers of authentic national color, participants of business events, family travelers, and those who want to restore the balance of strength and health. This fact proves once again that everyone will find something interesting in Ugra.

Traditional Ugra

Spectacular traditional holidays, museums with real treasures that preserve the centuries-old history of the region, homely simple and at the same time refined cuisine of the indigenous small peoples of the North, and, undoubtedly, open and hospitable people – for all this, it is definitely worth coming to Ugra.

Small peoples have lived in the multinational Ugra since ancient times. You can get acquainted with the culture of Khanty and Mansi, their traditions, and way of life not only in the modern museums of Khanty-Mansiysk, Nizhnevartovsk, and Surgut district, but also in ethnic cemeteries. Here you can learn how to harness a deer and get into the wisdom of reindeer husbandry, manage a sled, and taste traditional cuisine of the Northern peoples.

By the way, the district has been hosting its own gastronomic festival called "Taste Ugra"for many years. It is there that you can taste absolutely all the delicacies: from the unique knyazhenika berry and cloudberry, the delicious Kondinsky white mushroom-to the world-famous Sosva herring, which has been served to the Royal table since ancient times.

All products are produced under the brand "Made in Ugra", which is a guarantee of its undoubted quality. And if you want to please your loved ones with an unusual gift from the trip-feel free to collect a gift basket from Ugra delicacies. No one will remain indifferent!

By the way, under the brand "Made in Ugra" even its own brand of clothing is produced. The colors of oil, taiga, juicy lingonberries, blueberries and cloudberries-such outfits are definitely only here. And the name of the first clothing brand in the district is also unusual - "EMAS". The founders say that it is this word that Ugra residents Express their delight, for example, when something is convenient, useful and beautiful.

When creating the first and subsequent collections, the designers took as a basis not only the traditional colors of Ugra, but also the clothes of indigenous peoples. As a result, we created beautiful things that are equally comfortable for Hiking in nature and dynamic urban life. The main feature of many models is that they are equipped with a hood with an anti-mosquito net.

In Ugra, this is a very necessary thing, so be sure to buy yourself a stylish and functional outfit.

Business Ugra

Ugra hosts a significant number of major events at the regional, Russian and world levels. For the organization of forums, conferences, congresses with the participation of an impressive number of people, all the necessary infrastructure is provided: conference halls for business programs, concert complexes for entertainment events, high-class hotels to accommodate all arriving guests.

Participation in such events allows you to find promising areas for further activities, make new professional contacts, and hold meetings on the site already prepared by the event organizers.

Similar events are organized in Ugra annually. Some have already become traditional and are the hallmark of the region. For example, the international environmental campaign "Save and preserve", the international IT forum with the participation of the BRICS and SCO countries, the Ugra industrial and investment forum, the international scientific and practical forum "Oil capital", the exhibition-forum "Goods of the Ugra land".

By the way, "Goods of the land of Ugra" is another event where you can see almost all the producers of Ugra on one site. Entrepreneurs present their products, communicate and even find opportunities to create new businesses.

Spring in the district capital is always about the "Spirit of fire": the city meets famous film stars, Directors, artists and young creators at the International festival of cinematic debuts. Hundreds of film screenings, theater productions and meetings are held within the framework of the film festival for five days.

Ugra, of course, is a very colorful and memorable page for participants of festivals, events, forums and congresses.

Active Ugra

Ugra is a place for lovers of outdoor activities and extreme sports: seasonal hunting and fishing, in summer – river rafting, ATV and motorcycle expeditions, Hiking, in winter-Snowmobiling, dog and deer sledding, national hunting skiing, snowboarding, kiting and much more.

Ugra has long and rightfully received the unofficial status of "territory of sports". This is known far beyond the borders of the district, because a huge number of successful athletes trained and improved their skills in Ugra.

the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug has been a forge of outstanding biathletes and skiers for many years. Many Olympic Champions, Russian and world Champions grew up in the "A.V. Filipenko winter sports Center": Sergey Ustyugov, Svetlana Sleptsova, Alexey Volkov, Viktor Maigurov – and this is only a small part of the famous Ugra residents.

But not only skiing is developed in the district. On the rise and snowboard. Khanty-Mansiysk and Surgut regularly host both the Russian Cup and the Russian championship. The level and number of participants is growing from year to year.

Snowboarder Ekaterina Ilyukhina – silver medalist of the Olympic games-2010. A snowboarder from the center for adaptive sports of Ugra Mikhail Slinkin once took 4 medals at the Russian Cup and the parallel slalom tournament "Our future".

The opportunity to play sports professionally, achieving high results, is one of the advantages of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. Well, watching sports battles is a separate kind of pleasure available to residents and guests of the district. Every year, Ugra hosts many spectacular events from biathlon to hockey, so the winter period in Ugra is the most fruitful.

But it is not only the desire to join the sport that brings tourists to our district. The romance of the Ugra nature attracts travelers, and especially lovers of mountains. Yes, we also have mountains.

Popular Hiking routes are in the area of the circumpolar Urals. Narodnaya mountain with a height of 1895 meters attracts both experienced and novice travelers. Here you can choose an easier route through the mountain range. Fortunately, there is a place to turn around. The mountainous part of the circumpolar Urals covers 32,000 square kilometers. But there is another option of activity-to conquer the top of mount Narodnaya. Then you will see the indescribable beauty of this area. You will truly and irrevocably fall in love with Ugra!

Medical Ugra

People come to the Khanty-Mansiysk district not only for an extreme vacation or a holiday in the national style, but also to restore the balance of strength and health.

The availability and quality of medicine in the region has long been appreciated beyond its borders, and the high qualification of specialists allows you to perform procedures of any level. All this residents and guests of the district are happy to use, without leaving its borders.

Choose the best treatment or just go through General Wellness procedures – whatever your goal, there are opportunities to achieve it in Ugra. At the same time, high-quality assistance and recreation will be provided at a decent level and at an affordable price.

All medical and health facilities of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Ugra have the most modern equipment and are staffed with high-class specialists. Add to this the unique climatic features of Ugra-you will get a wonderful holiday with invaluable health benefits.

Caring Ugra

Our district is also an accessible environment for people with disabilities. Almost all institutions are equipped with ramps, handrails, tactile and visual accessibility signs and light beacons, specialized equipment, auxiliary tools and devices are installed. Thanks to this, people with disabilities have the opportunity to freely participate in the cultural, creative and sports life of the district.

Sports facilities, cinemas, theatres, sports and business events – everything is fully prepared for incapacitance. Ugra is a developed territory for unhindered and comfortable travel of low-mobility groups of the population.

We have told only a small part of what can be seen in Ugra. In order to fully immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of our district, you just need to come. We invite you!

Contact details

Address: Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra, Khanty-Mansiysk town, Pionerskaya Str. 14
Phone: +7 (3467) 38-84-00, ext. 121, ext. 123
E-mail: info@export-ugra.ru

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About Ugra Ugra is one of the most interesting regions of the country with a rich historical heritage

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